Black Rock
Golf Course


Single Membership (Includes Range Pass)                                                        $1,180.00

Couple Membership (Includes Range Pass)                                                      $1,795.00

Single Membership (Includes Range Pass) - Auto Pay                                     $1,2400.00

Couple Membership (Includes Range Pass) – Auto Pay                                  $1,855.00

Child or Grandchild (High School and Under W/ Single or Couple)                $105.00

Junior Membership (High School and Under)                                                     $160.00

College Membership   (25 years old and younger)                                            $370.00                                              

 Annual Trail Fee                                                                                                        $200.00

Cart Storage and Trail Fee (Members ONLY)1                                                    $450.00

Season Cart Pass2                                                                                                   $475.00

Men’s Golf Association                                                                                             $45.00

Handicap (Member)                                                                                                   $32.00



  • Payment in full at the time of application.
  •  Payment in 3 equal payments – due Feb 1, April 1 and June 1.
  •     Automatic Debit/Credit on the 15th of the month with the final payment December 15, 2015 with an additional fee of $5.00 per month